Lago launches with a $22M funding round & serves leading tech companies

The Open Revenue Hub

We believe in a future where teams can easily leverage and collaborate on revenue data to build impactful businesses.

To embrace this mission, we started by building the open-source standard for usage metering and billing, as the most pressing needs of revenue teams is to build flexible and scalable monetization systems.

A few open facts

1k+ humans

We gathered the largest community of billing engineers and product managers.

5k+ stars

We quickly became the #1 solution on Github in our category - grateful for the love we receive from engineers!

10x top of HN

Billing remains a major issue for companies, resonating widely. We've consistently hit HackerNews' top page over 10x.

2M+ invoices

We already helped issue more than 2 million invoices so far!

$2.456B invoiced

Invoiced on behalf of our users. We helped bill billions.


Billing systems are still a nightmare for engineers, check out the 361 real-life examples!

Chosen by leading companies

From all around the world.

Our investors

We’re glad to be backed by leading technology investors, who supported or even built companies from the ground up to IPO.

Individual investors

Arthur Waller
Amaury Sepulchre
Clément Delangue
Hugging Face
Elena Verna
Erika Batista
ex On Deck
Evgenia Plotnikova
Dawn Capital
Ian Hogarth
Graham Neray
Jonathan Widawski
Jorge Ortiz
ex Stripe
Julien Codorniou
Kamil Mouhid
Meghan Gill
Philippe Teixeira Da Mota
ex Hedosophia
Romain Huet
Walter Kortschak


We’re hiring experienced individual contributors across technical and business positions.  Our team members usually have more than 7 years of experience in their respective field. This enables us to keep hierarchy minimal and to let entrepreneurial minds thrive. If you’re addicted to solving unstructured problems and leading projects from start to finish, have a look at our career page!

Two hosting options, same benefits

Whether you choose the cloud version or decide to host the solution yourself, you will benefit from our powerful API and user-friendly interface.

Lago Premium

The optimal solution for teams with control and flexibility.


Lago Open Source

The optimal solution for small projects.