The most flexible solution for hybrid billing

Lago is the best billing solution for hybrid billing, combining subscriptions, metering and usage-based components. Bring to your stack the most flexible billing infrastructure.

Subscription plans

Implement monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions in minutes. Manage upgrades, downgrades, pricing changes, and all their nitty gritty edge cases in a switch. Decide to bill at the anniversary date, or at the beginning of the cycle.

Per seat pricing and fair usage

If your pricing model is ‘per seat’, you can decide to bill per a fixed number of seats that your end customer buys in advance (e.g., 8 seats per month, whether they are used or not) or bill per number of ‘active users’, if you want to encourage a product-led motion.

Hybrid plans including usage

Track your users’ consumption, and include usage in your subscriptions. For instance, your monthly plan might include 1000 API calls, 1000 documents analyzed, 100K of transactions processed, and after that limit, the overage is billed in addition to the subscription.

Two hosting options, same benefits

Whether you choose the cloud version or decide to host the solution yourself, you will benefit from our powerful API and user-friendly interface.

Open source

The optimal solution for small projects.


The optimal solution for teams who want control and flexibility on cloud or self-hosted version.