The best billing solution for CPaaS companies

Discover the finest billing solution tailored for CPaaS businesses, equipped with specialized features designed to revolutionize billing for communication platforms.

Prepaid credits

Set the value of the credits and create wallets for your customers. Prepaid credits increase transparency for both parties. Manage wallets, check balances and trigger top-ups at any time via the API or the user interface.

Pricing based on multiple dimensions

When creating a new billable metric, you can define dimensions that will be used to group events according to their properties. If the way you charge changes based on the region, channel, type of messages, you can add as many dimensions as you’d like to your usage data, and charge based on them.

Graduated, Volume, Packages charges

Keep the flexibility to charge ‘postpaid’ by decreasing prices in tiers (‘graduated model’), or based on the total volume consumed in a cycle (‘volume model’), or ‘prepaid’ through packages. These options are built-in within Lago’s user interface and API.

Dynamic pricing

Adjust prices in real-time based on various factors such as demand, competition, inventory levels, or customer segmentation. By leveraging data analytics and algorithms, companies can dynamically optimize prices to maximize revenue and profit margins.

Two hosting options, same benefits

Whether you choose the cloud version or decide to host the solution yourself, you will benefit from our powerful API and user-friendly interface.

Lago Premium

The optimal solution for teams with control and flexibility.


Lago Open Source

The optimal solution for small projects.