Advanced billing flexibility

The best billing solution for complex pricing, combining multiple components and plans. Lago offers the most flexible billing infrastructure.

‘Instant’ charge or deferred billing

Ideal for fintech businesses and immediate seat payments, Lago allows you to charge customers instantly while retaining the choice to generate an invoice for the transaction (or not). You can also decide to defer the billing of a charge and include it into an ‘end of billing cycle’ invoice.

Add-ons and one-time invoices

For ‘one-time’ fees (e.g., an implementation fee), Lago enables you to bill them in a separate invoice (‘one-off invoice’) or integrate it into an ‘end of billing cycle’ invoice, with other charges, such as a subscription charge, for instance. Add-ons can even be combined together into a single invoice.

Two hosting options, same benefits

Whether you choose the cloud version or decide to host the solution yourself, you will benefit from our powerful API and user-friendly interface.

Lago Premium

The optimal solution for teams with control and flexibility.


Lago Open Source

The optimal solution for small projects.