The ultimate product suite
for billing automation

Lago provides a full set of billing features that help product-led SaaS companies set up the optimal pricing model for their business.


Real-time usage metering

Lago’s event-based architecture provides a solid foundation for building a fair pricing model that scales with your business.

Flexible plan configuration

Lago supports all pricing models. Create pay-as-you-go and hybrid plans in no time with our intuitive user interface or API.


Coupons that delight customers

Create engaging marketing campaigns and increase conversion with coupons that customers can redeem to get a discount.

Instant add-ons

Why wait until the end of the billing cycle to get paid? Lago allows you to create one-time charges that are invoiced on the fly.


Automatic invoice generation

Depending on the configuration of your plans, Lago automatically calculates what each customer owes you and generates invoices.

Full predictability with prepaid credits

Unlock recurring revenue opportunities for pay-as-you-go pricing models with Lago’s prepaid credit features.


Premium feature

Charge instantly your customers

Charge customers instantly while retaining the freedom to choose whether or not to generate an invoice for the transaction.

Premium feature

Embed billing info in your own app

Effortlessly integrate the customer portal into your application, providing your customers with seamless access to detailed usage information and invoice data.


Premium feature

Define minimum spending on charges

Take control of your billing process by establishing minimum spending limits for charges. With our platform, you can easily define the minimum amount customers must meet for a usage-based component.

Premium feature

Send invoices via emails

Provide a seamless integration of email communication with the billing engine, allowing businesses to send professional invoices directly to their customers' inbox.

Premium feature

Adjust usage after invoicing with grace periods

Have the flexibility to make adjustments to customers' usage, even after the billing cycle has ended. Fine-tune and modify usage details, ensuring that you have complete control over your invoicing.

Premium feature

Issue credit notes, refund customers

Unlock customer satisfaction with credit notes issuance and customer refunds. Streamline your operations and foster trust by handling credit notes and refunds through our UI and API.